Support Services


CBG Solutions produce a range of highly regarded information booklets for use on our seminars. These have been designed over many years, following detailed discussion with our clients/delegates and provide an extremely valuable addition to our services.

Delegates receive individual copies of the booklet relevant to the subjects covered on their particular seminar. This provides our clients and their employees with up-to-date information and many useful points of contact.

State Benefits - Technical Advice

State Benefits are generally regarded as very complex and keeping abreast of current rules and the constant changes is a time-consuming task for employers and employees. This often causes frustration and can result in individuals not receiving all the benefits to which they are entitled.

The CBG Solutions "Entitlements" booklet is an invaluable user friendly reference on current State Benefits.

If required, delegates have access to our in-depth knowledge of UK State Benefits through the CBG Solutions Technical Advice Service. This extremely popular service offers ongoing personal support to delegates who have attended a seminar.

Independent Financial Counselling

Many delegates find that the information obtained from the seminar enables them to make their own financial decisions. However, other delegates may request individual advice. As part of the service, seminar delegates are able to request one to one meetings with an Independent Financial Adviser.

All the advisers that we work with are independent, experienced, registered and have the appropriate qualifications.

Well-being Counselling

Virtually all employees suffer from anxieties at some stage in their life. These may be work-related or caused by dilemmas in their personal life, but the net effect - from an employers perspective - is that it may seriously affect the individualís ability to undertake their work duties, or reduce their capability to perform at their normal level.

It can sometimes result in periods of extended sick-leave, disruption for the colleagues who have to cover the individualís workload (affecting overall productivity) and, in severe situations, may eventually lead to employment tribunal action being taken against the company by an employee.

At senior executive level it can impact on the companyís ability to function properly, disrupting long term plans for the business (especially if it involves Board members or other key staff).

In many cases the root cause can be addressed through qualified, professional counselling.

CBG Solutions offer access to counselling for a wide variation of issues: stress management, addressing change in the work place, mid-life planning, work-life balance and coping with personal problems (such as bereavement).

We aim to help the individual concerned to address and resolve their problems and return them to a point where they return to, or improve upon, their work commitments.