State Benefits Technical Helpline

This confidential service for both Employers and Employees saves valuable time spent wading through volumes of literature and searching websites for information that can be provided quickly and easily by a simple phone call or e-mail. We alleviate the frustration of trying to find information from Government Departments including the DWP, the Pensions Service, HM Revenue & Customs and the Contributions agency.

Benefits and allowances available are frequently changing; it is difficult to keep up with these changes and the complexity of the system. Where do you go for information? What forms are needed? What benefits can be claimed and how to claim them? CBG Solutions provide the answer.

Typical questions range from: The impact of early retirement, pension forecasts, national insurance, bereavement benefits, pension credit, tax credits, disability benefits, sickness benefits, means tested benefits, and many more topics.

CBG Solutions provide help directly to employers, employees and their families, pensioners, pensioner liaison officers, in addition to pension and HR teams, thereby saving time and money.

Bereavement "A Helping Hand"

Following the loss of a loved one, people coping with bereavement need help and support in many different ways.

There are some very important decisions to be made, people to be informed, forms to be filled out, all needing to be done quickly. During a very stressful and traumatic period in life, people are often ill equipped to deal with the volume of paperwork, find out who to inform, claim benefits, sort out tax issues etc.

CBG Solutions provide "A Helping Hand", to bereaved people and their families at this difficult time. We assess the situation, prioritise what needs to be done and who needs to be informed, and process the appropriate paperwork, in a sympathetic and efficient manner.

This service is primarily used by widows, widowers and civil partners.