Retirement, Bereavement and State Benefit Services

CBG Solutions has in depth knowledge and experience of state benefits, taxation and the psychological impact of change. This enables us to provide employers and employees with detailed information and practical help in dealing with the transition into retirement and following bereavement.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including; retirement courses or seminars, specialist one to one counselling services, advisory clinics and helplines.

CBG Solutions is an independent, progressive company with over 20 years experience and one of only a handful that supply specialist services to employers, business owners and employees.

Our core services consist of:

We also provide a range of Support Services, such as State Benefit Technical Advice and Well-being Counselling.

"Very well presented, extremely interesting and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend this seminar to anyone thinking of retirement."

Seminar delegate comment

What are the Benefits?

Many employers now accept the value of employee education. Providing a high degree of helpful information, well in advance, leads to improved working relations between employee and employer. Our services enable employers throughout the United Kingdom to:

Delivering our services

Our seminars are informal, interactive and can vary in duration and content. We specialise in meeting the needs of the employees within the brief expressed by the employer. Seminars are "student centred" discussing topics of interest to the groups present, and drawing on the experience of the employees themselves.

Our programme of seminars and services has emerged from working closely with employers, enabling us to develop content and material that reflect the culture of the individual companies we work with.

CBG Solutions are committed to providing a consistently high quality, professional and reliable service.

We would be happy to chat to you about your individual requirements or to provide further information.