Executive/Manager Seminars

Executive/Manager Seminars - for the under 50s

Senior executives/managers often have little spare time available to consider their financial planning opportunities; at a time when their earning capacity is at its peak and there are more varied and complex benefits and options available to them.

Our seminars therefore help executives to understand their various benefits and examine the options open to them (including any existing share option schemes and pension arrangements); to deliver the facts and information needed, to devise and implement a strategy relevant to their personal circumstances.

We design programmes to compliment the individual needs and logistical difficulties often faced by more senior employees. For example, many of our sessions can be added onto the agenda of meetings to make them more time/cost-effective.

Executive/Manager Seminars - pre-retirement

Some organisations may require an alternative approach for educating senior employees because of the differences in benefits, options, expectations and lifestyle. These seminars may also be viewed as a reward for exceptional service.

CBG Solutions have experience in providing seminars for all levels of employees, including Executives and Managers, either separately or combined. We adapt the interactive format to suit the particular requirements of the delegates concerned. We are also able to offer individual counselling outside of the seminar sessions, where required.

"Thank you for an entertaining and informative two days which will benefit me in the future."

Seminar delegate comment